12 March 2009

MGP on d*s

Check out today's design*sponge to see my sofa makeover on the "Before & After" feature!

Thanks, Grace!


Bonnie said...

The ladies at Spruce did an outstanding job! You guys have some happy furniture now. :)

I can't wait to make my antique chair happy once the rain goes away and I can paint (eco-friendly of course) and adorn it with MGP fabric! Once I finish I'll send you ladies the results.

Sending you Sunshine on a cloudy day!

Nancy Mims said...

Thanks, Bonnie!

When you get to your project, check out Enviro-Safe paint, if you can find it in your area. They are the real deal and one of the original no-VOC paint companies. I will blog about their paint soon!


Marta dejunin said...

arte arte arte!

[J] said...

It looks amazing! You should come and reupholster my sofa, and bring some of your great fabric!!