16 March 2009

Fun with scraps

Nothing goes to waste in our office.  We keep all of the scraps left over from the samples we send. Sometimes, we use them as packing materials and other times, we just play with them. 

Anyone have a good idea how we can put the scraps to use?  



Margaret C. Nikoleit said...

I see you already offer good-sized bags. Maybe a coordinating line of cell phone holsters, eyeglass cases, make-up bags, etc.?

Last year I bought a custom shoulder bag from a leather-worker who used her scraps for change purses, wallets and the above. I would think you could do the same with your fabric.

Another thought: if your scraps aren't too small, sell grab-bag collections of them to crafters to do their own thing. Maybe promise "none smaller than 4x4 inches" or something.

Best of luck!

Kathie Sever said...

uh... yeah, i know what you can do with your scraps.... give em to me!!!
i've got a MGP project going over here i'm anxious to share. it falls into the 'fun with scraps' catagory for sure.

Nancy Mims said...

Calling you now, Kathie!