28 June 2009

Mod Green Pod at Dwell on Design Reclaimed Space house

While we're sad we're missing the Dwell on Design conference going on in LA this weekend, we're excited that our Bloom organic cotton fabric has found a beautiful spot in the Reclaimed Space house.

Eco style maven, Zem Joaquin, whose blog, Ecofabulous, is a Mod Green Pod fave, teamed up with an Austin company, Reclaimed Space, to bring one of the company's beautiful prefab homes to the show. Sustainably built from primarily reclaimed materials, the 400 square foot home is up for auction on ebay and 100% of the sale proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity Los Angeles. Zem and company were assigned the interior's design, and to mirror the construction style they chose mostly re-used, vintage pieces, some of which were given makeovers using sustainable materials. Mod Green Pod's Bloom fabric was chosen not only because it's organic cotton and free of nasty chemicals, but because it gave the small space a happy, colorful pop. More photos coming soon, and if you are interested in knowing more about the house, enjoy this video.

***edited to add that EKLA HOME reupholstered the chair for the show.

25 June 2009

Mother Nature always wins.

Inspiration: Green and Grey

I just returned from Savannah, GA, where, between decadent meals, I wandered through the thick summer air to take in every detail of my favorite southern gothic setting. As usual, I had my trusty camera in hand so I could record colors and patterns for future design reference. These are two of my favorites, partly because I'm eternally fascinated by plants dominating human-made structures (Mother Nature ALWAYS wins) and because I now have a new favorite color combo: charcoal grey and green. It has given me a new appreciation for the pairing of Atticus basil with Aspire peppercorn:

24 June 2009

Atticus sofa by Ruby Rouge Designs

Ruby Rouge Designs, in Baton Rouge, LA recently sent us this photo of their Atticus Basil sofa makeover. Thanks, Michael!

Customer Before & After

Annika in Charlottesville, VA chose Aspire for her beautiful chair makeover:



Thanks for sharing photos of your gorgeous chair, Annika!

Mod Green Pod exclusive at NearSea Naturals

Due to popular demand, Mod Green Pod's "Tickled Pink" organic cotton twill is back in stock, as an exclusive, at NearSea Naturals. Grab it while you can!

All Things Austin Design

Austin may be geographically challenged in relation to the country's coastal design capitals, our population boasts a remarkably high number of incredibly talented designers and artists. Thankfully, Adrienne Breaux has taken on the challenge of keeping up with the latest and greatest in her blog, All Things Austin Design. If you doubt our little city's mad skillz, have a read and you'll think otherwise.

08 June 2009

MGP now tweeting


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back in ATX!

I just returned from the Sustainable Brands conference in Monterey, CA and I am fully refueled by reminders of why I started Mod Green Pod in the first place.  After 4 1/2 fantastic days of inspirational speakers, hallway chats and networking wine tastings (THAT is the way to do biz, my friends) I have so many amazing ideas bouncing around in my head.  

I'm more determined than ever to help the all-important mission of sustainability by continuing to make the cleanest, greenest products that we can make and to help educate consumers about how to create happy, HEALTHY homes.  

I've also ramped up my own personal commitment to live a more sustainable life and can't stop thinking about a quote by Charlie Parker from the end of one of the presentations (if anyone can remember whose presentation it was, please let me know so I can give proper credit).  "IF YOU DON'T LIVE IT, IT WON'T COME OUT YOUR HORN."  Right on, Charlie.