12 March 2009

Inspiration: Doodling

I just finished listening to a great piece on NPR's Morning Edition about doodling.  It confirmed what I've always believed, that the function of doodling helps the doodler stay alert, on-task, and perhaps even absorb more info than non-doodlers.

I was a serious doodler throughout my school years, from elementary through grad school.  In college, I would cover every inch of margin in my physics and calculus notes; I also remember that my art history notes contained the most elaborate drawings.  Sadly (but not surprisingly) I was often scolded by my teachers--even in grad school!--for doodling during class.  I wish I could go back to those teachers and let them know that I was probably absorbing more info than the non-doodlers, and that I've actually turned my doodles into something productive:    

I could also let them know that most US presidents have doodled during meetings!   Even George Washington doodled.  Check out his beautiful Glimmer-like scroll:

I can't wait to buy this book, Presidential Doodles: Two Centuries of Scribbles, Scratches, Squiggles and Scrawls from the Oval Office.  I'm betting it will feed my need to doodle while providing an unexpected source of new inspiration. 

And how adorable is fellow southpaw President Obama's doodle?

DOODLE AWAY, KIDS.  It's more than okay to doodle!  

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