03 March 2009

Nancy's chair: update!

My chair is almost ready to come home!  

After a long but fruitful search for organic cotton batting, Lizzie and Amanda hand-tied the original springs, returned some of the original materials to their place, then added luxuriously soft organic cotton batting and muslin, then began attaching the fabric.  Last is the piping and the cushion. 

If you are an upholsterer or you are working with an upholsterer and wish to make your project as organic and green as possible, please email us at info@modgreenpod.com or call us at 512.524.5196 and we can help you source some US grown and garnetted organic cotton batting to pair with your Mod Green Pod fabric!  We had a very difficult time sourcing it and are happy to help you order some.  It's incredibly soft and plush.

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