16 December 2009

Quick, beautiful gift: Mod Green Pod TOTES

Organic cotton (of course!) and made in the United States using our remnants. Click here to order.

05 November 2009

Room Creator has been updated with SOLIDS!

If you haven't fiddled with our Room Creator in a while, check it out and enjoy mixing and matching our gorgeous new solids with our signature prints. We've added a few new wallpaper colorways, as well. Have fun!

20 October 2009

Organic Cotton Tote Giveaway!

We're giving away one organic cotton Adelaide tote in licorice and earl grey to a lucky winner! Enter by emailing info@modgreenpod.com with "TOTE" in the subject line and we'll enter you in the drawing. Names will be collected until 9 a.m. EST on Friday, October 23rd and we'll announce the winner later that day.

Our totes were all made in the United States using remnants or discontinued patterns/colors. They are a major deal at just $24.99, so grab a few for yourself or for gifts!

Customers: send us photos!

I'm always so curious to know where our fabric ends up and LOVE when customers send us photos of their finished projects. PLEASE send us more photos!

Shannon Darby, author of the design blog pink wallpaper recently wrote us to share photos of a recent project, a beautiful room for her baby daughter:

She shared that it was her husband who chose Mod Green Pod's Butterfly Jubilee (in now-discontinued colorway chocolate/cream) for the Roman shade.

Thanks for sharing, Shannon!

12 October 2009

Sustain-a-scrap winner

Congrats to Christy from St. Louis, the winner in our sustain-a-scrap giveaway! For those who didn't win this round, we'll give you another chance very soon.

08 October 2009


Win a bundle of Mod Green Pod fabric scraps!

In an effort to reduce waste, we've been collecting all of the cutting scraps from our sampling and have decided to give away several beautiful bundles. Email info@modgreenpod.com with "scraps" in the subject line and we'll enter you in the random drawing. We'd also love to hear how you might use the scraps. You have until 8 a.m. Monday, October 12 to enter and we'll announce the winner later that day.

06 October 2009

Aspire to a lifetime of happiness.

I'm so excited to share this beautiful photo. Mod Green Pod's Aspire created a perfect backdrop for the very colorful, end-of-summer Michigan wedding ceremony of Val's friends Kevin and Carmen. I love the idea of using fabric to create an outdoor ceremony space and I'm honored and thrilled Kevin and Carmen chose the one they did! (Photo by Emily Zoladz.)

30 September 2009

Lotus Bleu in San Francisco

Bay Area friends, check out Lotus Bleu's new Mod Green Pod collection, much of which is currently in the window of their store at 327 Hayes Street in San Fran. If you aren't in the Bay Area, you can still purchase their one-of-a-kind furnishings and accessories from their website. They haven't updated the e-commerce store with the brand new Mod Green Pod pieces (they are quite busy preparing for the expansion of their brick-and-mortar store) but I couldn't wait to post the pics I just received. I'm coveting the reversible Bloom/Atticus chair. Gorgeous!

Beautiful idea.

Upholstered headboards are super chic and as our very own Susan demonstrated, you can make your own. Or, as blogger and designer Laili Kafi of EcoSavvy Design has imagined, you can update an old piece with a crisp, modern pattern (like the Mod Green Pod prints she chose, below) for a unique, eclectic piece that will look great in modern or traditional settings.

Mod Green Pod on InteriorDesign.net: Penny Bonda's blog.

Great day for coverage from some of our favorite sources! I was incredibly excited to see that Penny Bonda (popularly referred to as "the mother of green interiors" in the interior design industry) featured Mod Green Pod in her eco-design column at InteriorDesign.net, the online companion to Interior Design magazine. Thank you, Penny for the honor!

Luxury Solids Collection on Apartment Therapy!

From today's Apartment Therapy.

Blog Mention: TrueUp

I forgot to mention that we were given a shout-out in "Textile Stew" at True Up last week. If you are a textile lover or want to begin learning the basics of textile lingo and design, TrueUp is the blog to follow!

29 September 2009

Outtake from new home page photo shoot

Non-toxic magic cleaning duo: club soda and dishsoap.

My house has become the official Mod Green Pod lab. I have MGP-upholstered pieces in just about every room, an MGP quilt on my bed, a few MGP Roman shades and curtains and MGP wallpaper on the walls of my living room. I've made table runners and tea towels and toy bags
and even skirts with MGP organic cotton (proving the versatility of the fabric!) and I have eons of ideas for even more things that I'd like to make. Oh, if I only had the time. . . .

Anyhow, I live with two small kids (age 3 and 8), my husband and an old cat. All have committed offenses of the spills and filth sort (actually, now that I think about it, my husband has not been an offender). In the case of our poor cat, she has a barfing issue (TMI, I know) and she seems to ONLY barf on my MGP covered sofa. Spills and stains happen, so here's what I heartily recommend, based on the Mod
Green Pod lab cleaning experiments:

1. Remove fabric cover from cushion (if it's a removable cover).
2. Gently brush off as much of the offending mess as possible.
3. Put the stained portion of the fabric in a large bowl and pour club soda over the stain until the entire stained area is soaking in the club soda.
4. Let soak for several hours.
5. At this point, I've repeated #3 with fresh club soda for a really nasty spot, and have continued to #6 for smaller spots.
6. Gently agitate fabric in the club soda.
7. Pour out club soda and still working in the bowl, gently scrub fabric with a clean rag and a tiny drop of eco-safe dishsoap (this one is my fave). Be sure that your rag hasn't been cleaned in chlorine bleach--not only is bleach toxic, it can actually bleach the color from the fabric you are cleaning. Also, be sure to scrub as little as possible. I haven't had any problem with the ink rubbing off, but I'm sure that with very vigorous scrubbing, it could fade the spot some.
8. Rinse in cold, clean water and allow fabric to drip dry.

In the case of upholstered areas that can't be unzipped and removed from a cushion, I would recommend pouring very tiny amounts of club soda on the stain and allowing the soda to sit and fizzle, dab with a cloth, and repeat many times, then lightly scrub with the dish soap.

25 September 2009

New cutting lint at MGP headquarters!

Clearly, we're a little gaga over our new solids, perhaps to a strange extreme. But hey, it's Friday, our website was just updated in the wee hours to feature our new solids, and it's all making us a little silly in the head. So behold our beautiful new lint, produced by cutting a gazillion swatches (thank you, Susan and Crystal!) so you may see and feel the beauty we've been blabbing about all week.

modgreenpod.com's new solids store is open and ready for biz.

The solids are up on our updated website and ready for purchase!

(Room Creator is still being updated but I'll let you know when that is up and running with the new items.)

22 September 2009

Custom colors for your project.

Recently, we've filled quite a few custom orders for clients who loved our signature designs, but needed them in different colorways to match their projects. We're working to make these options easier for you to access through our website, but in the meanwhile, you can email us (info@modgreenpod.com) or call us (512.524.5196) to find out more about minimums and pricing.

21 September 2009

MGP Down Under

Australian Friends of Mod Green Pod, you may now purchase our organic cotton textiles and vinyl-free wallcoverings direct from our Australian partner, The Organic Mamas. They are fully stocked and ready to ship anywhere in Australia! In addition to carrying our full line from the Bloom Collection, they also have all three of our hard-to-find kids fabrics. (Prices on images below in $AUD.)

MGP on Facebook and Twitter

If you haven't done so already, please become a Fan of Mod Green Pod on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

solid + print pairing #4

Solid + print pairing #3

18 September 2009

16 September 2009

Also new: Grand Jubilee Licorice wallpaper with plain white ground

You asked for it, so we're now carrying it. Our most popular wallpaper is now available with a pure white ground! It will be added to the website in the coming days, so in the meanwhile, if you would like to place an order for rolls or a swatch, call or email us.

Oh, and a fantastic little detail that we've neglected to mention about our wallpaper: our ground paper is all FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified!

Check out how fab the new colorway looks with our new solid fabrics:

Mod Green Pod's Luxury Solids Collection HAS ARRIVED!

We're working to update our website with our gorgeous new offerings, so if you are interested in purchasing yardage or getting your hands on swatches, email us (info@modgreenpod.com) or call (512.524.5196). I'll be updating the blog as new photos are ready, but here's a teaser of freshly cut swatches! Colors, clockwise from top right: Licorice, Earl Grey, Mushroom, Natural, Chocolate, Water, Cherry, Raspberry. Certified 100% organic cotton groundcloth, dyed with GOTS approved, low-impact dyes, finished without toxic chemicals. All made in the USA! Ultra soft but sturdy, perfect for a huge range of applications.

21 August 2009

Waiting. . . and some gratuitous photos

We will be receiving stock of our beautiful new SOLIDS collection any day now and the waiting is starting to drive us nuts! Okay, well, it's driving me nuts because I am ready to work in the rich organic cotton colors into my own home decor. The colors coordinate with the signature colors in our print collection, so it will be easy and fun to mix and match. And I'm sure that the solids will make me want more of the prints in my house, too. CAN'T WAIT.

Meanwhile, as I'm impatiently waiting, I've been snapping some pics around my house and thought I'd share a few.