30 November 2010

Clara fabric for drapes

Our Clara fabric has always been my favorite choice for drapes. I was lucky to see them in an elegant formal living room this past week. We have the cream in stock or we can print the pattern in a custom color, as well.

Custom color fabric made into beautiful, coordinating throw pillows

A Nashville client ordered Bloom, Aspire and Sublimate in a custom palette of greys, red and gold to match the existing colors in her room:

Expanded Custom Designs on our Website

We have loaded 17 designs for you to choose from in the custom category of our website. Scroll to the bottom of the fabric page and you will see the patterns in greyscale. These designs can be printed in ANY COLOR YOU CHOOSE with a one yard minimum. Send us paint chips, swatches of fabric or select a color from our existing palette used on our in-stock fabrics and wallpapers. Email us at info [at] modgreenpod.com for more information.

15 November 2010

Spruce Upholstery Workshop: Group photo!

Spruce Workshop: Stacey's Before and After

Stacey gave the pattern Evoke beautiful custom colors that pair perfectly with the regal shape of the chair. The curves in the wood mimic the curves of the butterflies' wings and we decided that the whole chair now looks like a framed Victorian butterfly collection. Stacey named her new chair Ophelia.

Spruce Workshop: Melanie's Before and After

Melanie stripped away the old mustard pleather from her clean, modern chair and gave it fanciful flair by recovering it with Butterfly Jubilee in licorice/earl grey. Love the contrast between the clean lines of the frame and the movement and curves in the pattern.

Spruce Workshop: Laura's Before and After

Laura turned this slightly sad little chair into one that is so cheerful, she decided to name it Happy. She chose custom colors for the Crave pattern and is putting it in her 10-year-old daughter's room. Lucky girl!

14 November 2010

Spruce Workshop: Meghan's Before and After

Not only did Meghan choose a fantastic pairing of gorgeous colors for her custom version of Anticipate, her keen eye saw how perfect the pattern was going to fit the chair's shape, as if they were made for each other. Meghan oriented the pattern in such a way that it fit perfectly within the back frame of the chair. Look at how the circles match the top and bottom curves of the frame:

Spruce Workshop: Mary Ann's Before and After

Mary Ann chose Mod Green Pod's signature Grand Jubilee in licorice to transform a bland blue chair into a sophiticated showpiece.

Spruce Workshop: Kathleen's Before and After

Amazing transformation from dusty and drab to perky and polished! Kathleen named her new chair Raspberry. She chose the custom colors for Mod Green Pod's Sublimate pattern.

DAY 2 Spruce Upholstery-Mod Green Pod workshop November 2010: The finished chairs!

DAY 2 Spruce Upholstery-Mod Green Pod workshop November 2010: Teasers!