04 March 2009

Nancy's chair: Fun at the laundromat

I was happy when Lizzie and Amanda said that I could save the old feather cushion for my chair.  I was even happier when they told me I could wash and dry the whole thing, and can do so periodically to keep it clean.  So I zipped off to the laundromat to use the oversized machines.

I also learned a nice trick for drying and fluffing the feathers in the dryer:  a few tennis balls!  (Yes, I got some strange looks.)


Kim said...

what do the tennis balls do? keep all the fibers from clumping into the corners?

Nancy Mims said...

You got it. They bounce around in the barrel of the dryer as it spins, whacking the cushion and fluffing the feathers as they dry.

When I opened the dryer at the end, it hadn't completely stopped spinning so the balls bounced out of the dryer and all around the laundromat. I'm pretty certain that the other people there thought I was insane!