29 September 2010

Inspiration: Made in the United States

Did you know that Mod Green Pod fabric and wallpaper is manufactured in the United States? Sadly, that's a rarity, especially in the textile industry. The United States was the global leader in textile manufacturing not too long ago, but most fabrics are now made in other countries, leaving the U.S. textile industry a shell of what it once was.

Please support Mod Green Pod's efforts to grow--and GREEN--the U.S. textile industry by buying our products and telling your friends about us!

This post was inspired by a story I heard on NPR this morning about a manufacturer who has been making flashlights in the United States for decades, even through very difficult times and when faced with a market offering cheaper competing products made overseas. Here's a link to the story; I hope you find it as moving and motivating as I did.

22 September 2010

Contest time!

Name our new midnight blue color (for a new design debuting later this fall) in the Mod Green Pod tradition of having edible names and win a yard of fabric. Check out examples of other edible color names on our website.

Friend us on Facebook to submit your suggestions. www.facebook.com/ModGreenPod

Why edible names for our colors? Well, we go to great lengths to source only Global Organic Textile Standard approved inks for our organic cotton textiles. We like to think that they are good enough and safe enough to eat (but we still don't recommend that you eat fabric!)

21 September 2010

Custom fabric for Kandrac & Kole in Atlanta

When Kandrac & Kole, an Atlanta-based interior design firm, moved into their new digs, they had a tough time finding fabrics to match their signature colors. Then they discovered Mod Green Pod's custom program and loved the patterns so much, they ordered 8, using a coordinated, limited palette. Mod Green Pod matched their chosen colors, ordered the fabrics and a few weeks later, they created artwork for their beautiful new conference room.

For more information on how to order Mod Green Pod's delicious patterns in your own palette, visit our custom page, email us at info@modgreenpod.com or just pick up the phone and call: 512.524.5196.

17 September 2010

Weekly designs: I didn't forget!

Whew, what a busy week. I didn't have much time to lose myself in too many doodles or paintings, but did manage to paint a few ideas while I was on long business calls:

15 September 2010

New, in stock and ready to ship: BASIL SOLID organic cotton canvas

We're keeping the GREEN in Mod Green Pod. We have VERY limited amounts of a gorgeous Basil Solid in stock and ready to ship. It pairs beautifully with our Atticus print in basil, or in a funky-preppy combo with Wee Jubilee in raspberry.

United States grown and certified organic cotton; woven, dyed and finished in GOTS-certified, US facilities.

07 September 2010

New Project: Designs of the Week

My daily photo project has been so invaluable in keeping the creative lobes of my brain in shape, that I've decided to extend the exercise to my print designs by making myself display my doodles and paintings each week starting today:

September Palette

Each morning, after my kids are in school, I set off on my daily multipurpose walk. For an hour, I take a circuitous route toward my favorite coffee shop (JP's Java), listen to my tunes, plan my day, and snap photos with my iPhone (a well-loved, cracked 3GS). I also take photos throughout the day, but my morning photo traipse usually yields my favorite snaps. By the end of each day, I choose my favorite image and upload it to my flickr page. I've been keeping this visual diary since January 1, and as the year progresses, the project is becoming more and more useful to me as a designer. Today, with color on my mind, I've been playing around with various combos to create a palette for a project:

01 September 2010


So easy. Join our Facebook page, choose your favorite colorway for our Anticipate pattern, and you will be entered in a drawing to win a yard of fabric!