11 March 2009

Inspiration: Boggy Creek Farm

I just returned home from one of my Happy Places, Boggy Creek Farm, with a bag full of beautiful organic food and a mind full of inspiring sights, smells and ideas.  One idea I returned home with is to bring my love for cooking onto the blog.  I might as well--when I'm not working (and luckily for me, pondering the impossibly vivid colors of beets at the farm stand is actually work!) I'm usually cooking.  So after this post, I'm hitting the kitchen then I'll return to the blog with some photos and recipes.       

Today's array of greens and reds were especially stunning lit by the rainy morning sky and I was happy I had my little camera with me.     


And here are the always-inspiring Carol Ann and Larry, owners of Boggy Creek Farm.  I love them for being, among many other things, amazing organic farmers (obviously!), local food activists, quintessential Austinites, artists, and story-tellers extraordinaire.  

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