10 March 2009

MGP DIY: Covering the fug

Okay, it's not that fug.  

Okay, it is.  But it's functional fug.  I have more of a problem with the exposed stereo equipment than the actual piece of furniture, which does actually do its job very well.  So late last night, when I was packing away my sewing things, I picked up two long, narrow strips of MGP's soft but sturdy plain organic cotton canvas and BING! I hemmed all four sides of each strip, laid them across each other over the stereo and now I have a sweet little table hiding the ugly electronics.  The front flap folds up for easy tuning.  

Now if I could do something about the ugly speakers. . . . 

(Bad-ass poster is by my bad-ass friend, Noel Waggener.)

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