21 April 2009

Tips on finding an upholsterer

Reupholstering old furniture is making a big comeback and I'm betting it's here to stay.  In addition to the re-use factor, there is something so appealing about combining contemporary fabric with an old piece to make a one-of-a-kind statement.  

But it seems like people in my generation remember our parents and grandparents having things reupholstered (I certainly remember that!) but we are not as familiar with the process ourselves.  At MGP, we are frequently asked "How do I find an upholsterer in my area?" So I thought I'd provide a few ideas for those of you who are wanting to cover a found/salvaged/family chair or sofa:

1. Order swatches for the piece you want to cover--fall in love with one and go for it!

2. Ask friends and neighbors about upholsterer recommendations.  If you have a neighborhood listserve, post the question and I'll guarantee you'll have many enthusiastic answers (I see this question make the rounds quite often on my neighborhood's yahoogroup).

3. If #2 doesn't yield results, try a citysearch-type search or just google your city's name and "upholsterer."  I've done this for many customers and have found some pretty amazing resources in different cities.  

4. If you can't narrow it down, call up or visit a few upholsterers and just see who you feel comfortable working with.  The upholsterer can give you an estimate for the work and he or she will let you know how much yardage you will need to order.  

5. Once you have decided on your upholsterer, you can call us to order your fabric or you can order online at any time.    

6. You can always email us at info@modgreenpod.com or call 512.524.5196 and we'll be happy to assist you in your search!  And of course, we want to see photos of the befores and afters!

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Joy said...

Or you could learn to do it yourself, it's really a lot easier than it looks!