01 April 2009

Inspiration: spring poppies

From mid-March through mid-May (when the heat begins its oppressive grip on this area) Austin is stunningly beautiful.  Spring rains transform the brown and grey winter landscape into a lush, emerald green paradise bejeweled with color provided by spring annuals, perinneals, and flowering fruit trees.  I don't get much done because I am sucked in by the sights and smells surrounding me.  I spend probably too much time each spring just staring, but I always rationalize it by knowing that I am busy storing away colors and forms that will appear in future designs.   

Poppies are probably my favorite flower, which is why I'm taking the time to honor them.  Poppies are also the inspiration for Mod Green Pod's popular floral, Bloom.  For a very fleeting moment each spring, poppies pop up seemingly out of nowhere and flaunt the warm colors of their delicate, papery petals.  The flowers achieve an impressive state of being both fragile and mighty.  Even their buds and seed pods are natural design wonders.  I think the top of the seed pod might need to appear in a future Mod Green Pod print. . . .   

(The red poppies in these photos are currently sunning at Boggy Creek Farm and the fringed pink ones are showing up the other flowers in my next-door neighbor's front yard.) 

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