14 April 2009

MGP DIY: Future Craft Collective beanbags

The quest for projects using our scraps has led to a fun collaboration with my lovely friends at Austin's Future Craft Collective.  To read more about the founders and their mission, click here

Knowing she would put the scraps to good use, I took some small cutting room pieces to Kathie Sever (the lovely and brilliant designer of Ramonsterwear and co-founder of the Future Craft Collective).  Not only did she and the Future Craft Collective come up with an adorable project--old skool BEANBAGS!--they detailed the instructions as a part of their 3 Day Project series.


Kathie Sever said...

can't wait for the next MGP inspired project!!

Nancy Mims said...

BRING it, babe!

Bernadette said...

Love it Nancy. Your scraps are our treasure.