15 April 2009

MGP DIY: Snazzy wallpapered bookshelves

Here's a fun way to use wallpaper (or even fabric) to spruce up some old shelves: 


Natasha said...

Any hints/tips while doing this? My bf will not allow me to paint my bookshelves yellow, so I'll just do this!

Nancy Mims said...


I would recommend making templates for the areas that you want to wallpaper. Disassemble a brown paper grocery bag and cut a rectangle slightly larger than the back of a shelf. Push it into the space, then use your fingernail or the end of a pen to push a crease along the edge of the actual rectangle you'll want to cut. Once you have a sharp line around that shape, cut it out and there's your template! If the shelves are all the same size, you're good to go for all of the shelves; otherwise, you'll need to repeat that process for the shelves that are different sizes.

As for glues, you can make your own paste: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/wallpaper-paste.html

Or you can use a craft glue such as ModPodge (however, I'm not sure about the contents of ModPodge--if anyone knows if it's safe or you know a greener alternative, please let me know!)

Please feel free to email me at nancym@modgreenpod.com if you have any other questions!

Have fun!