08 April 2009

MGP DIY: Easy peasy drawstring bags

If you can sew a straight line, you can make these very quickly.  You can make 2, 5, 10 or more and I'll guarantee that you'll find a use for all of them even while you are still sewing them.  I made 5 for kid toy storage and my 2-1/2-year-old son quickly realized that his trains go in the Atticus bag, his plush animals go in the Aspire bag, matchbox cars go in the Bloom bag, etc.  He also realized that he can easily transport all of his cars or all of his trains from room to room by dragging the bag around by the drawstring.  He loves his little bags and I love that when it's time to clean (and not trip on matchbox cars) I can contain the odds and ends in adorable bags to hang on doorknobs or hooks here and there.  (Eventually, I will hang a rack in the hallway for the various bags, but I have more sewing to do first. . . .)

The sizes of the bags were determined by the dimensions of the scraps that I had in my studio.  I cut identically sized rectangles, flipped them so the printed sides faced inward, then stitched a straight seam on three sides.  Then I turned the sewn pieces inside-out, rolled the open end two times (for a 1-inch hem) and stitched the bottom of the hem, all around the opening.  For the drawstring, I found coordinating ribbon and used a safety pin to pull the stitches out of the hem on the edge at the top through which I could feed the end of the ribbon, then I attached the safety pin and pulled it through the tube.  I knotted the ribbon at the top and moved on to the next bag.  

If you would like more detailed instructions or the dimensions of the bags I made, please email me at nancym@modgreenpod.com


KimLi said...

Hi, this is a excellent way to use up fabric scraps. Small bags are great for holding phone or other gadget chargers and larger bags make great shoe bags - both great for traveling.

Nancy Mims said...

Ooh, great idea about the smaller bags! Thanks!