29 April 2009

Spruce "Make Your Green Statement" class was a HUGE success. BEFORE PHOTOS.

Last Saturday and Sunday, Spruce Austin held a "Make Your Green Statement" upholstery class where 6 students learned upholstery basics and walked out on Sunday afternoon with a Mod Green Pod covered chair.  

It was incredibly fun and so satisfying to watch the chairs go from grubby to green and gorgeous!  Below are the "before" photos of the students with their chairs.  From top to bottom:  Tara, Marta (who flew all the way from Washington D.C. for the class!), Hope, Glenda (well, her chair--for some reason, I don't have a "before" photo for her), Christina, and Cecelia.

HUGE thanks to Amanda, Lizzie and Kallie, a.k.a. "The Sprucettes"!

Next up, photos of the process. . . . 

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