06 February 2009

Sneak Peek of MGP's new Austin headquarters

MGP is now headquartered in an adorable late-40s bungalow in central Austin. We all love our convenient, well-lit space and even though we still don't have a sign out front (we still have the sign for the former inhabitants, an art gallery) we feel happy, comfy, and productive in our digs on the inside.

Here are some photos of the front display wall, the first thing you see when you walk in:

I love this pair of old flashcards I recently found when I was in Savannah, GA. Together, these cards perfectly sum up our fabric:


rifferaff said...

looks great! is this going to be a retail spot also?

Nancy Mims said...

Thanks! No plans for a retail spot at the moment, but we do welcome visitors by appointment only.