06 February 2009

Nancy's chair: "Mid-strip at high noon"

"Mid-strip at high noon on Wednesday" was what Kallie at Spruce told me I should check out if I wanted photos of my chair being disassembled by Amanda and Lizzie. Luckily, it was a gorgeous day, so I found them in the lovely space behind their studio, in the early stages of the process.

I was amazed by how many layers were under the fabric: cotton batting, cotton muslin, horsehair tied to burlap, more batting and individual metal coils tied together with twine.

Here are Lizzie and Amanda pulling the horsehair from the burlap, careful to save the horsehair in a sheet for reuse:

I loved seeing the coils tied together and wondered who had tied these together many, many years ago:

After seeing this process, I have newfound respect for well-made furniture and upholsterers!

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