09 February 2009

Slow fabric?

Here is a link to a great article about "Slow Fashion," roughly defined as "durable, made from recycled or organic materials, and made by someone paid a 'living wage.' 

This article perfectly defines Mod Green Pod's mission to create something that is beautiful, lasting and made with integrity.  Our fabric is about safety for the planet, the workers involved in the production process and your home and family.  We're "slow fabric."  

Mod Green Pod fabric might cost a little more than similar fabric you can buy for half as much at a chain store, but do you know where that fabric was made and what chemicals were used to make it?  Is it safe for your family?  And was its production safe for the people whose hands touched it throughout the manufacturing process?  Most fabric is NOT made with integrity, the safety of the planet, producers and your pod (and your peeps!) in mind, but ours is!

Shout out to the fabulous Kathie Sever of Ramonster, who is mentioned in this article.  She and I are currently collaborating on one of her signature western shirts using Mod Green Pod fabric.  I can't wait to blog about it very soon!      

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