21 August 2009

Waiting. . . and some gratuitous photos

We will be receiving stock of our beautiful new SOLIDS collection any day now and the waiting is starting to drive us nuts! Okay, well, it's driving me nuts because I am ready to work in the rich organic cotton colors into my own home decor. The colors coordinate with the signature colors in our print collection, so it will be easy and fun to mix and match. And I'm sure that the solids will make me want more of the prints in my house, too. CAN'T WAIT.

Meanwhile, as I'm impatiently waiting, I've been snapping some pics around my house and thought I'd share a few.


KWu said...

Ooo, I'll bet the solids will be big sellers!

Harmony said...

I am totally laughing here because we too have barber shop chairs in our house! They were left over from the local production of Steel Magnolias at the Gualala Art Center. When they needed a new home, I just couldn't resist. Yet another (most random) thing we have in common!