29 September 2010

Inspiration: Made in the United States

Did you know that Mod Green Pod fabric and wallpaper is manufactured in the United States? Sadly, that's a rarity, especially in the textile industry. The United States was the global leader in textile manufacturing not too long ago, but most fabrics are now made in other countries, leaving the U.S. textile industry a shell of what it once was.

Please support Mod Green Pod's efforts to grow--and GREEN--the U.S. textile industry by buying our products and telling your friends about us!

This post was inspired by a story I heard on NPR this morning about a manufacturer who has been making flashlights in the United States for decades, even through very difficult times and when faced with a market offering cheaper competing products made overseas. Here's a link to the story; I hope you find it as moving and motivating as I did.


daisy janie said...

Thank you for your efforts and the example you're setting! Try as I may, I couldn't get all the factors with US manufacturers to come together for me. Never say never tho. Thanks, also, for the link to this article. My son just had to do a project for history, where he had to make inferences about products and the countries in which they're produced based upon 5 random objects in our home. One of them was a flashlight - made in the USA! I will share this with him!!

Nancy Mims said...

Thanks for your comment. We know how hard it is to get a supply chain going over here and completely understand when it doesn't work out for everyone. You never realize how complicated it is until you try to do it!

With the support of consumers who are wanting change and are willing to pay a little more for the benefits of organic and/or other factors, we can make things better for more and more people. The organic food movement is a great example of mass change!

Danielle@Fresh Quince said...

Wish more companies had the same values as Mod Green Pod and the flashlight company!!! Every day I try to make my purchasing power green. It actually makes choices easy because it narrows the selection down. Thanks for staying true to your values!!!