22 September 2010

Contest time!

Name our new midnight blue color (for a new design debuting later this fall) in the Mod Green Pod tradition of having edible names and win a yard of fabric. Check out examples of other edible color names on our website.

Friend us on Facebook to submit your suggestions. www.facebook.com/ModGreenPod

Why edible names for our colors? Well, we go to great lengths to source only Global Organic Textile Standard approved inks for our organic cotton textiles. We like to think that they are good enough and safe enough to eat (but we still don't recommend that you eat fabric!)


Cayenne said...

I don't do facebook so I'm going to have to write my suggestion here: blackberry.

Jeanette said...

Dark Blueberry!

Nancy Mims said...

Thanks for the ideas. We had quite a few on our Facebook page and we've chosen Wild Blueberry as the winner. I'm sure we'll have some more fun contests soon!