22 January 2009

Nancy's chair: update!

Just thought I'd post an update on my chair reupholstery project.  

For the past few weeks, I have been to several of my favorite vintage shops in town and found a few possible candidates, including a sleek Danish modern piece and a fussy, tufted Victorian number from the late 1800s.  Both were almost perfect, but I'll take another pass through the same shops this week, knowing that they are constantly restocking with their latest finds, to see if THE chair has arrived yet.

Once I have a chair, I'll be turning it over to the pros at Spruce for the reupholstery job.  I've been in their gorgeous shop and seen their work in person and I'm really impressed.  Lizzie and Amanda have agreed to let me document the process for the blog and I can't wait to begin working with them.  Together, we hope to demystify the process of working with an upholsterer. 

In recent years, I've had a few other things reupholstered by Under Cover Upholstery (phone: 512.371.7815) in Austin and am SUPER impressed by their work and can definitely recommend them, as well.  Co-owner Sabrina Stewart did a fantastic job on this chair using Mod Green Pod's Atticus print:

This actually brings up an interesting question that we occasionally hear from our customers:  How do I find an upholsterer?  Mod Green Pod plans to add a listing of upholsterers, by region, on our website at some point, but until then, my best advice is to ask around for suggestions in your area.  Start with friends who have reupholstered pieces that you admire, or inquire on a neighborhood listserve.  Call a local home textile shop and ask if they have any recommendations.  If you have some names and are not quite sure about that shop's reputation, see if you can drop by and have a look at the upholsterer's work.  

If you have any questions about how to work with an upholsterer or you are an upholsterer who is interested in working with Mod Green Pod, please email me at info@modgreenpod.com.

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Averill said...

Hi! I actually just had an old wing back chair "refreshed" with your Grand Jubilee fabric. I absolutely love it and thought you might want to see a picture of the finished results, which I posted on my blog today actually:


Thanks for making such a great product!

Also, Spruce IS amazing. I'm coveting their "vintage martian chair" they spruced up in your atticus fabric that's currently on Etsy. Next time I'm in Austin, I need to go see their store.