01 July 2010

Color on my mind

The Anticipate Chair, named for my favorite new Mod Green Pod custom pattern, is currently gracing my living room so I can photograph it for various purposes and, well, just stare at it. Earlier today, It dawned on me that I was probably spending a little TOO much time absorbing its lovely chair-ness because the new palette I was working on was THE SAME: charcoal, white and gold. It's a fantastic, versatile combo, but I couldn't seem to break away from it.

So, as I have been doing more and more, I turned to my daily iPhone photos. On January 1st of this year, I began uploading my favorite photo from each day, sort of as a visual diary. I am a bit of an obsessive iPhone photographer and snap, on average, about 20 photos a day. Sometimes it's hard to pick just one favorite, but I force myself to stick to just one that best symbolizes an important moment in each day. Today marks the halfway point of the year so I took a little break during my long design day to review the previous six months and the 182 photos I've uploaded to honor and represent each of my days. I spent a little time rearranging the color grid I've created on flickr and miraculously, I broke free of my color rut, even if I just added some blues to the same grey, white, gold combo:

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