14 February 2008

Mod Green Pod on the cover of March Domino!

"Mod Green Pod: Intricately loopy and mod-yet-retro, this 100 percent organic cotton is silk-screened with water-based ink. Covering an adjacent sofa and chair with cheerful spring green and intense cherry sets off a vibrant frisson."


Single Green Female said...

Congratulations! your fabrics are wonderful and I am looking forward to giving my vintage furniture a fresh new look. I will also suggest it to my friends when I help them greenify their lives!

Tina said...

I noticed it when I got my issue of Domino in the mail! Congratulations!

krystalsmith77 said...

Sorry for buccing you just to tell you how cool yout are, but. You are the best wallpaper company ever! Your designs are the only pretty wallpaper that I have ever seen! All other wallpaper just looks so boring and like it's from the 90s or something, but yours is so buetifull and modern. Sorry, but I just had to tell you. You fabric is so pretty too, it's the best!!!! I'm so glad that you are a green company too, i wish more buissnesses were eco-friendly.